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Documents for the Engineering Post (2015-16)


Hi everyone,

We have documents here in case you miss a meeting - so you can try the project at home!​

Design Night #10 - Strongest Bridge


Design Night #8

No document to download.


Rocket Propellant YouTube video link below.

Design Night #7- Mars Landing

A Design Challenge about Gravity, Buoyancy and Density.

RFP Sugar Propelled Rockets

Within a single team, develop a sugar propellant fuel grain and conduct a test firing of the motor. The group will then use this data and design to simulate, build and launch a model rocket.

RFPs are due no later than 1/26/16.

Design Nights 5 & 6 Duct Tape Challenge

Create clothing or an electric powered rover or a step stool.

Design Night 4 - Kinetic Roller Coaster

Cancelled due to weather.

Design Night 3 - Lego Drop

Put all those years of playing with Legos to use by designing a Lego structure to house and protect a payload in this activity.  Students will be given a handful of Lego bricks and will need to encapsulate or protect their payload (a light bulb) from a vertical drop of about 12 feet.  Their Lego structure must protect the light bulb such that it does not shatter AND still functions after the drop.

Design Night 2 - Foam Rockets

Use duct tape, rubber bands, paper fins and foam insulation to create your own rocket!  This design night focuses on the ballistic trajectories and how our defense industry uses this principle in a real-word application via missile defense.  Students will get to practice using their foam rockets on some target “planets” before teaming up and trying a rocket-to-rocket intercept experiment.

Design Night 1 - Catapults

This design night focuses mainly on mechanical engineering principles.  In this design night, you will build a small-scale catapult using the provided supplies.  You will use this catapult in a challenge at the end of the evening and be scored based on how accurate and precise your catapult launching was.

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