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Documents for the Engineering Post (2014-2015)

Hi everyone,

We have documents here in case you miss a meeting - so you can try the project at home!​

Final Meeting Presentation

Mars Lander Buoyancy Experiment (4/9/15) document:

Mars Lander Buoyancy Challenge Presentation

Spaghetti Tower Challenge (1/29/15) document:

Spaghetti Tower Challenge Presentation

RFP Addendum (1/6/15):

Updated UAV RFP (1/6/15):

Proposals are due on January 15th but will be accepted on the 29th as well. 

Chris Homolac, from Lockheed Martin, with Engineering Explorer Post - was on the radio 1/13

Join DJ Spicy & Delaina "Hott" Allen


(a.k.a. "HOTT & SPICY")


“The Rockslide”

"Be the Change YOU Want to See in the World!" - Ghandi

"Feel the Rumble!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

8:00 pm – 9:00 pm MST

Jammin' KZKO The Vibe

You can also play the show from your mobile device!

Our Podcast locations are: 


Chemical Rocket (1/15/15) document:

Chemical Rocket Document

Duct Tape Challenge (12/4/14 and 12/11/14) document:

Duct Tape Challenge Document

Foam Rocket Project (11/20/14) documents:

Foam Rocket Document #1

Foam Rocket Document #2

Lego Capsule Project (10/23/14) documents:

Lego(R) Capsule Document #1

LEGO®is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site

Lego(R) Capsule Document #2

Lego(R) Capsule Document #3

Paper Airplane Project (10/9/14) documents:



Paper Airplane Document #2

Paper Airplane Document #1

Paper Airplane Document #3

Catapult project (9/25/14) documents:

Catapult Document #1

Catapult Document #2

Catapult Document #3

Open house: Presentation Sept 11, 2014

Please feel free to view our open house document if you were unable to come to our open house. We also had a design activity you can even try at home. Click on the picture for the project download and the button for the presentation.


We will add more and more information throughout the year for all to download​.

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