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Updated Tuesday, 4/14/2020

Program & Season Closeout Updates

With all of the guidance from state and federal governments, we unfortunately cannot meet on campus to close out the remainder of our year.  Much of this is far outside our control and it really saddens us that we cannot finish out the year as originally planned.  The advisors are soon going to discuss what options we can take to potentially have a successful conclusion to the final project and year-end; but much of this planning remains tentative. 


The original time frame for our end-of-year events (April/May) is not likely given our current situation, and we are looking further out into the June/July months at this point.   We cannot give you all much more information than this as the situation is constantly evolving and we just don’t know where we’ll be in a month or even a week from now. 


We cannot direct you to work on your final projects as a team in person, but if there are ways that teams can continue work or host discussions while respecting social distancing and shelter in place protocols (ie. virtually via Zoom), please feel free to continue efforts on your project under your own volition and do so SAFELY.  We will reimburse all project costs and will give you all direction on how to send in your reimbursement information at a later point in time.

We all hope that you are doing well and we look forward to closing out our season at some point in the future! Do not be afraid to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Updated Thursday, 3/12/2020

Strongest Column Competition 2020

Click the button below to view the results from our Strongest Column Competition!

While the March 10th, 2020 was cancelled, the advisors were able to crush a few teams' columns and below is a summary of the results! Thank you to all of the teams who were able to drop off their columns. If your team was unable to submit a column, please feel free to email us a picture of the finished design!

Updated Tuesday, 3/10/2020


CANCELLED: Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Please take a moment to thoroughly read this [post] as it contains important, new information about Lockheed Martin’s Explorer Post program.


We are canceling tonight’s activities and re-evaluating how future meetings are conducted for the remainder of this season.


The advisors met today to discuss options and have come up with an interim path for the immediate time frame. They understand this is likely happening with many extra-curricular activities that you all may be involved in, and hope everyone can appreciate the need to approach our activities responsibly.

Strongest Column Instructions

The advisors know you all have worked hard on your columns and want to conclude the event.  As such, the advisors recommended that a representative from each group drop off their column to the Visitor Center this evening no later than 6:15PM. Advisors still plan to test them at MTL as planned.  They will be taking videos (and hopefully high speed video footage) of each team’s column destruction and can post these online along with the results for everyone to view.



- Please let [us] know if you plan to bring your Balsa Column so he knows how many to expect.

- Please write your team name and any additional notes on a piece of paper to submit with your column so advisors know which column is which.


Future Meeting Instructions

Going forward, advisors will evaluate each meeting on a case-by-case basis. They will start looking at virtual meeting options in place of coming to campus. They had tentative plans to reschedule the astronaut guest speaker night for Tuesday, March 24, and will decide if it is possible to keep this event on the books. Outside of that, there was one guest speaker night left this year. The remainder of the evenings are final project work nights. These are addressed in the Final Project Instructions below.


Final Project Instructions

Please continue to work on your final project ROVs.  The program is planning to proceed with the Final Project and will have to re-evaluate conditions in early April.  Regarding the scheduled final project work nights, advisors will rely on you to coordinate with your teams to the best of your abilities and ensure you are all meeting up to complete your projects in time for the Final Exhibition Day, currently scheduled for May 2. If you have concerns about meeting in person, please let your advisors know and they will help you find a different approach.  Also, please reach out to Chris or a final project advisor if you have questions or need additional guidance.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility. Please look for future guidance from your advisors for the remainder of this season.

Please note, some content from the above statement has been adapted for site publishing. Otherwise, statement prepared & provided by:

Lockheed Martin
Space Community Relations

Posted on Monday, 10/05/2018

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